To flow or to float

I’ve started making 2 words bracelets (instead of the classic one word intention), as I like the duality in certain concepts. I especially like this one and its meaning(s).

I aim to FLOW in life. Too often I find myself swimming against the current, and it’s exhausting… As the saying goes “what you resist, persists”, and being able to flow with whatever comes my way is a skill I only dream of mastering at this point… However, this is also a reminder to use the tools I have at my disposition. As a Reiki master and a QiGong practitioner, I know a thing or 2 about Energy flow, and yet I still let life get in the way sometimes.

By opposition, FLOAT seems like a pretty lazy activity, and certainly not a proactive one. I happen to think that there is more wisdom in floating than meets the eye.
Life gets overwhelming at times, and letting yourself float can be a form of self care. It certainly beats paddling frenetically to try to keep your head out of the water. Floating also enables you to be in the moment and more present and attentive to the curves of the river.

I’ve had a stressful and frustrating week (and it’s not over yet…), and flow just wasn’t happening. The other night, I escaped to the community pool for 20 mns of alone time. After swimming a few laps (for good conscience), I settled in my floatie and let myself drift away. I gave my surroundings the full attention it deserved, watching the puffy clouds stretching in the blazing sky, while inhaling the blooming jasmines’ scent… Pure bliss (and clearly Universe approved, because there was no mosquitoes!!)!
Some days, all that is left in you is the survival instinct of floating. And that’s okay.

A tale of tails

Once upon a time, in a universe not too far away, a curious little black panther taking a stroll in the forest, noticed a scruffy otter busy at work. She stopped to say hi, and asked what he was up to (Yes, big cats are curious too!).

The otter looked at the panther in surprise and replied: “Well, I’m building a dam, of course! That’s what us -beavers- do!” The panther started laughing “You are no beaver! I know “dam” well (yes, it was a funny panther…) the difference between an otter and a beaver. I can see you’re building a dam, but that doesn’t make you a beaver.”

The otter furrowed his bushy eyebrows. He looked down at his strong little paws. “Of course, I’m a beaver!” he said, “I’ve been building dams all my life, and I’m pretty good at it, if I dare say so myself!…” he added proudly. The panther commented on what a beautifully built dam it was, before pressing on: “Let me guess, nobody ever bothered telling you you’re an otter, did they?”.

The otter was starting to look a bit flustered… “What the…”. “It’s ok!” offered the panther. “Look at your lovely little tail. It’s clearly made to swim and play, not to build dams!”. The otter tried to discreetly remove the Band-Aid on his tail, hoping -against all hope- that she hadn’t noticed…

The little panther put her paw on her mouth to repress laughter. “I’m sorry for being so blunt” she said, while quietly singing under her breath “blame it on my ADD, baby…”. “I certainly would benefit from being a bit more… “beaverly”!” she pondered.

The otter was giving her a quizzical look. “I’ll tell you what” she offered, “I think I might be able to help you…”. The otter asked cautiously: “Do you know how to build dams too?” “Heck no!” she laughed, “but I’m pretty good at playing!…” He looked at her, absentmindedly trying to catch the tip of her tail, and replied “Tell me more!”…

What happened next, is a celebration of friendship, love, connection, shared laughter (and some tears), and joys -big and small. But that’s a tale for another day. Maybe…

The moral of this story is “be more otter, and less beaver”. No offense to hardworking beavers everywhere, but remember to play, once in a while. Don’t get buried under that dam, especially not because others keep dropping logs on your lap.

Calathea Cathedral Windows 🪴

11 months ago, I walked into Walmart, and saw this beauty! 😍 It was love at 1st sight and I took it home, having zero clue what a prayer plant was (aside from what the tag said 😉) and knowing nothing about Calatheas’ bad rep!! 😂 This was one of my best purchases! Morgan truly is magical (as is Merlin, the money tree I bought on the same shopping trip!… 😏). It has been -by far- my easiest and least fussy plant ever!! 🤗🪴👍🏻

Calatheas have a reputation of being “divas” when, in fact, they just know what they want! 😆 A well draining soil that’s not too wet and not too dry, bright indirect light, and a bit of humidity. They don’t like the minerals and chemicals in tap water (they make the edge of their leaves turn brown), so they need to be watered with rain water or filtered water (mine is happy with the filtered water from my fridge door…)). Easy peasy! 😉

They’re part of the Prayer Plants family, which makes them really fun to have around: During the day, the leaves are facing down (pics 1 & 2), at night the leaves are facing up (pics 3 &4) making them look like hands in prayer 🙏🏻 (hence the name). As for why prayer plants “pray” 🤔, I’ve come across different explanations. One is that it’s a way to be less noticeable from animals who eat plants. Since the underside of Calatheas’ leaves is eggplant colored, they are less noticeable by night. Another explanation is that it’s a way to catch more rain. Calatheas grow in the rain forest, so they are under the canopy of trees, which blocks part of the downpour. When the plant is closed up, the rain isn’t bouncing off the leaves, and falls instead on the ground right above the roots… I’m choosing to believe both explanations are valid… 😉

Daytime: leaves facing down
Nighttime: leaves facing up
Nighttime: leaves facing up
Leaf’s underside

This specific one is a Cathedral Windows (also called Peacock sometimes (as a side note, the Calathea family has recently been renamed Goeppertia -for whatever reason- so it also goes by Goeppertia Makoyana)). 🤪 From up close, the pattern on the leaves looks almost like fabric with embroidery! 🧵🪡

The delicate fabric-like pattern

One of my first houseplants in years, and definitely one of my very faves!… 🤗😍🪴 Next goal: propagating it!… 🙂🪴🪴🪴👍🏻

Grow a mango plant in 5 easy steps 🤗🥭

1- Eat a mango, save the pit.

2- Rinse/scrub the pit the best vou can.

3- Soak it in water for 1-2 days.

4- Stick it in soil vertically (little “nub” at the top), leaving about 1/2 inch to 1 inch sticking out.

5- Water regularly. Wait a few weeks and enjoy your gorgeous new plant (leaves first come out red and then turn green)!

Works for me every time! (but I live in Florida. If you’re in a colder climate, try it with the pot near a sunny window.)

When life gives you lemons…

One of the most satisfactory things for me is harvesting things I planted as seeds!… 🤗😍 I don’t exactly have the greenest of thumbs, so every success fills me with joy and gratitude!… It’s also a great lesson about perseverance! This little lemon tree came from seeds I planted from a lemon I got at the grocery store. For years it didn’t bear fruits, and I convinced myself it was sterile (as a lot of commercially grown fruits and veggies are), it also nearly died once… Over time I planted more seeds and also purchased little citrus trees (Calamondin, Orange, Lemon). Since they are on a screened lanai (neighborhood’s restrictions…) I have been playing the “pollinating bee”, and it’s the 1st time I managed to bring fruits to maturity on this homegrown baby!!… 🙏🏻💖🍋

Distance Reiki on January 7th

My next DISTANCE REIKI will be JANUARY 7TH. My little ritual, this time around, will be tying ribbons in my Wishing Tree… {Ribbons symbolize wishes, that are carried away in the Universe, through the wind, rain, birds who take ribbons to build their nests… }.

If you’d like to receive distance reiki, please leave your name in the comments (or PM me) by January 6th.

{I believe most of my ribbons are in storage, so I’m not sure what colors I have lying around, but you can leave me a color with your name and I’ll try my best to accommodate it!… 😅}

Love and Light to all. 🙏🏻💖✨

Curious about QiGong?

It’s that time of year again! The SATORI Energy Detox/Reboot challenge is starting Monday. It’s a 5 days (1 hr a day) FREE event (If you can’t join live you will have access to replays) that will introduce you to the wonders of QiGong (a sort of moving meditation, sometimes also referred to as “Chinese Yoga”) and clean up the energetic cobwebs before back to school!… 😉
If you’ve been curious about QiGong, this is a great place to start!…
You can register here:

I have trained with Satori Method Academy, and yet I still take that yearly challenge!… 🙂