Zen Garden

I have always had a thing for Zen Gardens… The gorgeous ones with the pristine sand, adorable bonsaï tree, stones, and the little bamboo rake to draw patterns in the sand… ❤
Unfortunately, when you have young kids, or a cat, or both, it’s not really a reasonable option!…
Still, I have been on the lookout over the years, hoping to find something that would work for my household.

As life became increasingly chaotic and stressful, and I tried to connect more with my spiritual side, I felt the need for a special “calm” spot in my bedroom. So I started thinking about the Zen Garden again, and about 6 months ago I finally had my “ha-ha moment” with a somewhat clear vision of what I wanted to do! 😀

While I was looking for some sort of box/frame, I came across a red painted bamboo bowl and thought “This is it, think outside of the box!…” ^_^ 
I filled my bowl with our beautiful local white sand (almost pure quartz so high in energy), added some crystal representing the 7 main chakras, an inspirational stone (that can vary depending on my mood or what I want to focus on at that time in my life), and a little air plant to bring nature and a “living” element in my little peaceful spot. (I since managed to kill the plant >.<, so I replaced it with a baby Aloe Vera because it is a healing plant.). For my spiritual presence, I had thought about a Buddha statue (because I feel closest to Buddhism principles than any religion), but I couldn't find one that I was drawn to. Then I found this Yogi and thought she was perfect in her simplicity. 
Since I am a Reiki* student I added Reiki symbols in her arms and around her, to represent the Chi, the vital energy that animates everything.
(* Reiki is an old Japanese Energy Healing art.)
To the side of my Zen Circle, I also added a little Yin-Yang garden, to represent the balance needed in life.

 This stands atop a bookshelf I use as my bedside table. So it is the last thing I see before turning the lights off, and the 1st thing I see when I get up. It helps me try and remember that I need to find some calm in the everyday chaos, and keep some perspective in life.

I encourage you to create your own happy peaceful place, it doesn’t take much room, and it can be pretty much anything that brings you peace, happiness, calm, or just makes you smile. Something that helps recenter you and keep you grounded. 🙂

Published by beeszengarden

Mom of 3. Reiki Master. QiGong student. Aromatherapist in training. Plants aficionado. Nature lover. Rocks collector. Curious Bookworm.

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