To flow or to float

I’ve started making 2 words bracelets (instead of the classic one word intention), as I like the duality in certain concepts. I especially like this one and its meaning(s). I aim to FLOW in life. Too often I find myself swimming against the current, and it’s exhausting… As the saying goes “what you resist, persists”,Continue reading “To flow or to float”

Peace in the midst of chaos…

One day when I am old (I mean older), I will tell my grandkids -hopefully!- about that year 2020 when I turned half a century old and the planet was hit with a pandemic, thanks to a virus with the name of a Mexican beer. I will tell them about how the world suddenly panicked,Continue reading “Peace in the midst of chaos…”

L is for Labyrinth and Life

  This morning after my yoga class, I took a walk through Heartwood‘s Labyrinth… I have a special fondness for that place for several reasons, one of them being that it is a replica (almost to scale!) of the famous Labyrinth of the Chartres’ Cathedral in France!… 🤗 It had been a while since IContinue reading “L is for Labyrinth and Life”