3 rules for happy Tulips


Spring is almost here and tulips are showing up everywhere… If you enjoy them, following these 3 rules will ensure they look their best and last as long as possible…

1- Do not fill the vase with water. Tulips fare better with only their tips in water, so keep the water level to between 1 and 2 inches (Of course remember to check every now and then and add water if the level gets too low.). If I remember correctly, this helps the tulips stay upright. A lot of water will cause “drunk” tulips that bend down out of the vase…

2- Add some copper coins (pennies) in the vase. This will ensure that your tulips stay somewhat closed (as on my pictures), instead of opening up like daisies with the heat.

3- Pierce a little hole through the stem with a needle, right under the head. This will allow any air bubble trapped in the stem to escape so the flower head can receive the nourishment it needs. (that also helps with roses).

Published by beeszengarden

Mom of 3. Reiki Master. QiGong student. Aromatherapist in training. Plants aficionado. Nature lover. Rocks collector. Curious Bookworm.

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