When life gives you lemons…

One of the most satisfactory things for me is harvesting things I planted as seeds!… 🤗😍 I don’t exactly have the greenest of thumbs, so every success fills me with joy and gratitude!… It’s also a great lesson about perseverance! This little lemon tree came from seeds I planted from a lemon I got at the grocery store. For years it didn’t bear fruits, and I convinced myself it was sterile (as a lot of commercially grown fruits and veggies are), it also nearly died once… Over time I planted more seeds and also purchased little citrus trees (Calamondin, Orange, Lemon). Since they are on a screened lanai (neighborhood’s restrictions…) I have been playing the “pollinating bee”, and it’s the 1st time I managed to bring fruits to maturity on this homegrown baby!!… 🙏🏻💖🍋

Published by beeszengarden

Mom of 3. Reiki Master. QiGong student. Aromatherapist in training. Plants aficionado. Nature lover. Rocks collector. Curious Bookworm.

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