Dragonfly Fairy

I was sorting through pictures recently -since my laptop has decided that it’s pretty much at full capacity!- and came across those rather surreal dragonfly pictures that I absolutely adore!
I was waiting for my daughter in the high school car line last year when I noticed weird shadows on my dashboard. I looked up and saw there was a pretty red dragonfly hanging out on my car antenna! I quickly snapped pics with my iPhone -and through my not-so-clean windshield- before she got a chance to fly away…

She looked so much like a little red fairy kissing her lover that I had to crop the pics to take away most of the antenna… ♥️ Still amazed at my luck to have caught this magical moment…

Published by beeszengarden

Mom of 3. Reiki Master. QiGong student. Aromatherapist in training. Plants aficionado. Nature lover. Rocks collector. Curious Bookworm.

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